Door County Folk Festival Weekend

The Door County Folk Festival is one of the most fun-filled, enjoyable and educational dance weekends held in the Midwest. Each year, the Festival attracts hundreds of participants to Door County, Wisconsin, from all around the U.S., Canada and often other countries.

The Festival Weekend usually begins on the a Wednesday after July 4th and runs from through Sunday. This Annual event will continue a tradition of enjoyable, extended July weekends in which one can dance (late into the night if one wishes), sing, play, learn, share experiences, eat, party and make new friends in a congenial, relaxed community atmosphere.

The weekend offers a wide range of options for international folk dancers, contra dancers, square dancers, singers and musicians of all levels of experience and interest, as well as activities and accommodations for their non-dancing family, friends and significant others.

The Festival engages many talented instructors, callers, group leaders, singers and musicians from the Midwest and beyond to lead events.


One thought on “Door County Folk Festival Weekend

  1. Hello out there DCFF Participants:

    I’d like to thank each of you for attending the 2017 Door County Folk Festival.

    This year’s Festival was an event where everyone seemed to be having a great time. Throughout the years we have tried to maintain DCFF as a “user-friendly” festival, and I feel that we really reached that level this time. Everyone who participated this year deserves a big “Thank You”.

    There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into Festival planning as well as at the festival itself.

    There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that gets venues setup and running on time. There is lots of room for improvement and we will be working on doing things better in the future.

    Before I get to this year’s recognitions, I must send out a big “Thank You” to Chris Alfeld and Sarah Bennett who developed, organized and led the Work Scholar program for 13 years. Work Scholars play a very important, yet almost transparent role in the Festival. Even though Chris and Sarah were unable to attend the Festival for the last two years, they continued to plan and coordinate the Work Scholar program before turning it over to Kristina and Pedro Arellano this year.

    Let’s also recognize Nina Lusterman and Jonathan Sivier for putting together an excellent series of dance workshops, and we thank Steve Kotansky and the regional dance instructors for introducing so many memorable dances.

    This year we initiated a Marketing Team (led by Emily Eisbruch) that achieved excellent results. We’d like to get them started early on activities that will broaden regional awareness and increase attendance for 2018.

    Now let’s take the opportunity to recognize and thank everyone who helped with year’s Festival.

    This is a long list and I hope that I’ve included everyone who helped.
    Team leaders/coordinators noted in bold.

    Kristina Arellano, Pedro Arellano, Gerhard Bernhard, Paul Collins, George Davis, Emily Eisbruch, Forrest Johnson, John Lampi, Nina Lusterman. Karen Tutkowski

    Regional Dance Workshop Instructors
    Linda Blohowiak, Melissa Boutell, Penny Brichta, Meg Dedolph, Paul Collins, Donna Di Bella,
    Barb Du Fresne, Jennifer Forbes-Baily, Dan Garvin, Leigh Holden, Carol Johnson, Rick King,
    Nina Lusterman, Phil Moss, Elaina Qureshi, Catherine Rudin, Jonathan Sivier, Lynn Szatkowski,
    Theresa Utschig, Arne Van Art, Cecelia Wilkinson

    Special Guest Dance Instructor
    Steve Kotansky

    Singing Workshops
    Carol Crawford, Tri Bratovchedki: (Dan Garvin, Debbie Kmetz)

    Dance Parties/DJs/Dance Reviews
    Melissa Boutell, Paul Collins, George Davis, Forrest Johnson, Steve Salemson, Jonathan Sivier, Karen Tutkowski

    John Lampi, Rachel Reinders, Jeffrey Rovner, Jonathan Whitall

    Nick Bratkovich, Jason Busniewski,
    Cosmic Otters: (Meg Dedolph, Jonathan Whitall),
    Rare Privilege: (Amy Mcfarland, Maria Terres),
    Tantsova Grupa: (Laura Bouffard, Mary Lou Durham, Janet Epstein, Sam Frazzee, Greg Jones, Michael Lewandowski)

    Mini Concerts
    Gerhard Bernhard, Nick Bratkovich, Jason Busniweski, Patti Cohen, Paul Collins, Sanna Longden, Dick Miller, Miriam Miller, Cecelia Wilkinson, Rare Privilege, Tantsova Grupa, Tri Bratovchedki

    Youth Activities
    Meg Dedolph, Sanna Longden, Dick Miller, Miriam Miller

    Work Scholars
    Kristina Arellano, Pedro Arellano, Kathleen Cairns, Jennifer Forbes-Baily, Holly Hinnrichs-Dahms, Leigh Holden, Linore Huss, Marc Kotz, Judi Lindquist, Linda Nicoli, Richard Nicoli,
    Marsha Swenson, Martha Lee Turner, Theresa Utschig, Arne Van Art

    Emily Eisbruch, Judi Lindquist, Jeffrey Rovner, Catherine Rudin, Steve Salemson, Theresa Utschig,
    Arne Van Art

    Fish Boil
    Gerhard Bernhard, Grace Bernhard, Melissa Boutell

    Linda Blohowiak, Barb DuFresne, Avi Eisbruch, Emily Eisbruch, Fran Gilbert, Kathy Fico,
    Lynn Kaishian, Nancy Jo Lame, John Lemerond, Judi Lindquist, Marie Merkel, Dick Miller,
    Miriam Miller, Wendy Seaman, Mary Pat Schmidt, Judith Solomon, Marsha Swenson
    with advice from: Jackie Davis, Kristina Arellano

    The Grotto
    Ken Pagenkopf and anonymous contributors

    Ron Fico, Arlene Furlong, Nancy Jo Lame

    Setup/Tear Down
    Kathleen Cairns, Bill Farichild, Gayle Fairchild, Leigh Holden, Linore Huss, Marc Kotz, Judi Lindquist, Linda Nicoli, Richard Nicoli, Catherine Rudin, Deniz Rudin, Marsha Swenson, Martha Lee Turner, Arne Van Art

    Again, thanks to all staff and participants and see you again next year – Wed-Sun, July 11-15, 2018!

    Paul Collins

    Get Your Foot in the Door!
    39th Annual Door County Folk Festival
    (Wed-Sun, July 11-15, 2018)

    Online: (Discussion Page) (Fan Page)


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